Treasury Advisory

You may consider changing existing processes and systems only once in a while. Implementing a new way of working takes time and would like it to last for some period after go-live; As illustration consider that once implemented a new treasury application typically remains the hart of corporate treasury operations for at least a decade, The new way of working therefore should be robust and future proof and considering not only the current state of the industry and your company, but also developments that will or may materialize of the course of time.

When considering change or transformation, you would like to have an experienced content expert at your side. Let me be your treasury consultant that helps you articulating the requirements and designing your target operating model. I can also help you understanding treasury concepts like in house banking and exposure management. Furthermore, I can benchmark the solution to-be and analyze the cost benefit you can expect.

Typical drivers for change I came across in project I have been working on include any or all of the following:

Insufficient cash visibility;

Trapped cash (both in working capital as well as restricted economies)

Unreliable cashflow foreasting and (FX) Exposure information

Desire to become best-in-class or leading edge

Merger, Acquisition or Divestiture of business

New funding strucutre, business distress

Improve process efficiency (including the introduction of in-house banking and payment factory solutions)

Improving (cyber) security around treasury processes or fraud related loss

The need for a new treasury management solution (TMS) or change of bank account infrastructure