How can I assist you and your treasury function?

I can support you all the way from articulating the need for change your current treasury function to running the treasury function ad interim and anything in between. Whatever drives your treasury project I can assist you to successfully achieve your objectives.

I offer you my experience and expertise gained during the three decades helping client organisations of different levels of maturity, across industries and geographies solving their issues and fulfilling their aspirations.

For larger and broader project scopes I can introduce you to other, carefully selected specialists that I typically know from my own past and first hand experience. These specialist do not only include other treasury consultants, but also (international) tax, transfer pricing and e.g. IT specialists.

3 steps to successful treasury projects

1. Planning for success

No matter what drives the need for change, the foundation of your success is a clear business case. This could be anything between jotting down your objectives and guiding principles and a novel-sized Project Initiation Document (PID) and have in common that they articulate:

Why you want to change your treasury function

How you want to change your treasury function

The benefit the change is expected to generate

The business case document will help you engaging internal and external stakeholders before and during the project and can be used as reference for solving issues you may encounter over the life time of the change project. The buisness case also can provide relevant input for KPI reporting during and after the project.

My contribution to this phase of the project could be that of benchmarking current state, designing future state, developing the roadmap to implement and building the cost benefit analysis.

2. Professional project excution

Projects will yield their full potential only when their scope is implemented. Too often original scope is trimmed down for pragmatical reasons like, misunderstanding between team members and external vendor and banking staff, change in key project staff, vendors' inability to deliver on their promises or e.g. a lack of consitent focus.

Adding my experience to your project team may help you avoiding common pitfalls and increase the teams learning curve. I also can add value as liaison between your team and external banks or treasury vendor. I can also be your sparring partner to discuss change in planning forced onto your project.

3. Operational Support / Interim Support

I could also support you by temporally fullfilling the role of one of your treasury staff